INTELVISION offers a wide range of innovative services in the fields of building automation and systems management, process automation, Smart Grid, and Smart City. Our solutions can be tailored to the needs of businesses of diverse industries, healthcare, education, and government organizations.


Modern buildings are required to be energy-efficient, safe and comfortable. To comply with these requirements, a building in most cases should be equipped with a modern building automation and management system.

We have developed a unique combination of know-hows and hands-on knowledge of creating the most efficient and reliable whole building automation systems.

We offer in-house developed solutions, which are easy and fast to deploy and to maintain. Our SmartUnity Building Management System is distinguished by a 10 times less times required to configure a control system for a building thanks to the visual programming methods. For the same reason, it is really easy for an engineer (not even a programmer) to detect and solve any problem which may occur in the system during exploitation – all thanks to the configuring and not coding.

SmartUnity also features fast, responsive and user-friendly interface unrivaled by any other building management system of the same class.

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