SmartUnityBMS is an advanced building management system that significantly extends KNX, LON, Modbus, DALI, Beckhoff (ADS), OPC, etc. based projects with advanced building automation and visualization functions.

SmartUnityBMS includes a simple configuration tool, which makes implementation of projects featuring freely programmable controllers as easy as configuring KNX projects with ETS, and out of the box visualisation.

SmartUnity features:

– Creation of logic, scenarios and visualisation configuring

– Support of KNX, LON, Modbus, DALI commands and variables

– Management of unlimited number of software timers, groups, PID regulators, scenarios, etc.

– Drag'n'drop or tree-based visualization for Windows and mobile clients

– Online monitoring and debugging

– Integrated historical server with charts and reports

SmartUnity BMS comes with free apps for iOS and Android mobile devices.

[More info coming soon]